Angela Linke

I am an Artist with a lens


I find that images speak a thousand words, so I will not bore you with what I ate for breakfast this morning or how many beautiful children I have (3 Boys by the way, just in case you were interested...) 

 Let my work speak for itself












My name is Angela and my passion is creating art with you or your loved ones as the center piece of my creations

I endeavour to not only produce high quality art for you but to also create an enjoyable atmosphere during our time together on location


It's not just the destination we

should enjoy, but the journey that

got us there.. 


We all know how so many men love having their pics taken, well I am here to make it as painless & as fun as possible. 

Call me, text me, email me, however smoke signals don't tend to work so well these days



Servicing all areas of Brisbane & Gold Coast


Feel free to fly me anywhere in the world

I love to travel  xx